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Harvest Marketing and Media is a subsidiary of The Harvest Group of Companies (Pty) Ltd. It was established to serve as an in house media partner to the group. It also provides external clients with all relevant products and services that a media house can offer.

Through working with Harvest Marketing and Media we have realised that companies do not place much emphasis on their brand from the word go. More often than not business owners are focussed on sales and growing the company as fast as they possibly can. It is only further down the line when the realization kicks in that they need to spend more time on brand awareness and growing the brand.

“Why should I focus on my company’s brand?” This is a question we get all too often. Your brand basically says everything about your company over and above the company name, logo, slogan, colours etc. Simply put, brand awareness is the image that is created in the mind of your target market when your company name is mentioned or if your logo is seen on a billboard, business card, newspaper advert etc.