Social Media and Business

Article Like many new concepts and or upgrades in technology, companies cannot afford to sit back and watch from the side lines how trends unfold.

Many people have deemed social media as a passing fad. When we dig deeper and do research on how social media relates to marketing trends, the statistics are alarming. A study done by Hubspot indicates that 92% of marketers claimed that social media was important to their business, while Social Media Examiner indicates that 97% of marketers are actively participating in social media for their business. It is not surprising that so many blogs out there are sharing tips and trends on how to capitalise on the use of social media in the business arena.

Brand awareness: Many companies can and are making use of Social Media to increase brand awareness. This makes the decision making process easier and the chances of the client buying is increased.
This is an excellent platform to use when launching a new product as well as informing existing clients of product fragmentation.

New Customers: As you use Social Media to create brand awareness, more and more people will follow your posts. You will empower them by passing on knowledge. You will automatically position yourself as an expert within the field. This engrains your brand into your customer’s mind, making it easier to sell your products. People almost always buy from people they associate as experts or leaders in a particular service or product

Low cost Marketing: Anyone runs their own business knows that marketing costs can soar through the roof if not carefully monitored. Social Media is one of the cheapest forms of marketing, a good way to get your marketing momentum going and reach a wider audience at a fraction of the cost.

Website Traffic: Social media can be used to increase website traffic to your company website. Your website ranking may also increase and this may have an impact and increase your visibility on popular search engines such as Google. This pushes you up in ranking and makes it easier for clients to find you when searching for products and services you offer.

There is no denying that Social Media is a useful tool in building a brand, gaining momentum on your marketing strategy but most of all expanding your client base. For more insight, speak to someone from Harvest Marketing and Media. We will make it worth your while.